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Chronicle 1878 to 2005

Chronicle and beginnings of the Ingolstadt he deaf association s GVIUS eV

The Hohenwart asylum for the deaf and dumb was founded; contact with the Franciscan Brothers in Ingolstadt was established at this time.

since 1917
Church services and meetings for and with the deaf in Ingolstadt; Military chaplain and hospital chaplain, Father Kurz, looked after people who lost their hearing in times of war; Back then, today's Franciscan Church was still called the Garrison Church - that was the church for the military.

Gottesdienste und Treffen für und mit Gehörlosen in Ingolstadt

Father Kurz becomes a priest at the institution for the deaf and dumb in Munich and continues to be active in Ingolstadt for the hearing impaired, organizing meetings and church services.

Since 1927
Quarterly church services with Franciscan Father Kurz for the deaf from Ingolstadt and the region in the orphanage chapel in the former Sommerstrasse, followed by entertainment in the “Zur Glocke” inn; Overall, Father Kurz was a deaf chaplain for 40 years.

Gasthaus Drei Mohren
Waisenhaus Sommerstrasse

January 25, 1942
Establishment of the Ingolstadt deaf club in the “Zur Glocke” inn at Kreuztor in Ingolstadt, first chairman was Mr. Anton Waigl.

In wartime
At that time, club activity was limited to regular visits to the regulars' table on Saturdays in the “Zur Glocke” inn and later in the “Ziegelbräu”.

Gründung des Gehörlosenvereins Ingolstadt

After 1945
The regulars' table had to be moved to other inns several times: They met in the inns »Drei Mohren«, »Poppenbräu«, »Zum Anker«, »Schäffbräu« and finally »Bonschab«.

Foundation of the Deaf Sports Club Ingolstadt.

Gründung des Gehörlosensportclubs

After a long struggle to find their own rooms for the deaf association, the members were given a room in the “Kettlerhaus” on Jesuitenstrasse; From then on, the association was able to hold meetings for and with the hearing impaired and support and promote those affected from there.

Kettlerhaus 1977

Merger of the Deaf Sports Club and the Deaf Association to "GVIUS eV - Deaf Association Ingolstadt and Surroundings with Sports Department eV".


Change of the premises to the technical college: A small room only to be used for meetings of the deaf.

Old Deaf Center "Kettlerhaus" Jesuittenstr. 4, 85049 Ingolstadt

GL Zentrum

Since 2003
The desire for a deaf center for around 2,700 deaf and hearing impaired people
and deafblind people in Ingolstadt and Region 10 grows and the search begins
for supporters and sponsors for the big project; With the support of the VdK district association IN-EI and Ms. Katharina Krüger, the city of Ingolstadt and the Bavarian state government were able to be won over for the project. The city provided a plot of land and many sponsors such as the Bavarian State Foundation, the districts, the Bavarian State Sports Association, AUDI AG, MEDIA-Saturn and many others supported the deaf association's project.

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