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The GVIUS Ingolstadt eV is an association for the support, promotion and further training of the deaf, hearing impaired and deaf-blind in the region 10. In the founding year 1942 the association had the name "Ortsbund des Deaf Ingolstadt". Since 1993 it has been called "Deaf Association Ingolstadt and Surroundings with Sports Department eV"

The association is recognized by the Ingolstadt tax office for corporations serving non-profit purposes as particularly worthy of support. It is entered in the register of associations at the Ingolstadt District Court under no. 656. The association represents the interests and concerns of its deaf members in the city of Ingolstadt, in the districts of Pfaffenhofen, Eichstätt and Neuburg - Schrobenhausen.

Our focus

  • Creation, maintenance and sponsorship of a center for the hearing impaired in Region 10 as a communication and meeting place

  • Early intervention with a focus on hearing (and sign language)

  • Consolidation of the German (sign) language

  • Promotion of opportunities for social encounters as well as education for children, young people and adults

  • Cooperation with services for the deaf and hearing impaired

  • Creation of an information center

  • Promotion and implementation of consultation hours and advice on disability issues

  • Promotion and implementation of cultural, church, sporting, social and other events for the benefit of the hearing impaired

  • Promotion of encounters and understanding between the hearing impaired and the hearing impaired in order to better integrate the hearing impaired in the society of hearing people and to break down inhibitions

  • Promotion of deaf-blind people

We are a member of:

  • District Association of the Hearing Impaired Upper Bavaria eV

  • Bavarian Deaf Sports Association

  • Bavarian State Sports Association

  • Federal Association for Culture and History of the Deaf eV

  • Network of the Deaf - City Associations eV

Unsere Mission

We need your support!

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