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Alexander Exner, 1.Vorsitzender

Dear guests, friends and members!

I would like to warmly welcome you to the homepage of the Ingolstadt Deaf Association. On these pages you can find out everything about our association and the various offers.

The deaf association never stands still: many years ago the deaf got together to make a difference in the world. With a lot of effort and fighting spirit, the construction of the deaf center was successfully started in 2007. A little later - and after an addition to the building in 2013 - we celebrated the great success. A center for culture, encounters, education and sport has emerged and is still today the meeting point for deaf, hard of hearing, deaf-blind and hearing people from the entire region 10.

We owe all of this to hard-working and persistent supporters. Special thanks go to: The chairman of the VdK district association and MdL Hans-Joachim Werner and his former deputy Katharina Krüger, the former city councilor Christel Ernst, as well as the city of Ingolstadt and mayor Albert Wittmann.

What is life like here at the club today? The deaf center offers space for encounters and mutual support: those affected can use various leisure and educational offers, and there are regular meetings of the self-help groups. The advice enables quick problem solving and makes everyday life easier for many users. Relatives and caregivers, as well as institutions and companies, address their questions to the specialists.

We attach great importance to sport: In the sports department you will find soccer players, table tennis players and volleyball players - the aim is not only to promote health, but also to promote cooperation and social skills! Deaf athletes are now among the best from Ingolstadt and Upper Bavaria.

Social issues are also a large part of our association's work: We have set ourselves the goal of educating people about deafness and sign language. The emphasis is on the barrier-free design of cultural and educational events - not only of the association, but also of the cities and communities of the deaf. It is up to the organizers to decide whether this is done by a sign language interpreter or a sign language competent specialist. However, specific regulations are required to clarify the question of costs: Who has to pay the interpreter for public festivals and leisure activities?
As part of the concept of LLL - lifelong learning, we have an even bigger goal ahead of us: improve language and communication in order to give everyone the chance of equality - the deaf for unlimited, barrier-free information; the hearing for new possibilities through sign language.

From the bottom of my heart I wish the deaf association a lot of joy in the future, the spirit of fairness and cohesion, and strength to cultivate the friendships that have brought us so far and will bring us further.

With best regards

Alexander Exner
1. Chairman

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