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Chronicle 2006 until today

Foundation of the association for the deaf center to support the construction project.

Gründung des Fördervereins für das Gehörlosenzentrum
Gründungs Versammlung des Förderverein
Gründungs Versammlung des Förderverein

"First groundbreaking" for the deaf center with the participation of representatives from politics, business, TV and the press.

Topping-out ceremony for the completion of the deaf center.

Inauguration ceremony of the Deaf Center under the patronage of the then Federal Minister Horst Seehofer and MdL Achim Werner and in the presence of the Lord Mayor Dr. Alfred Lehmann and many representatives from politics, business, church, TV and the press. From then on, the deaf center was able to provide a wide range of offers for the deaf from the entire region: promotion and implementation of cultural, church, sporting, social and other events for the benefit of the hearing impaired; Activities in the field of self-help groups, child, youth and adult education; Conducting consultation hours for advice

Gehörlosenzentrum Gebäuden

November 4, 2009 - Prime Minister Horst Seehofer visits the Deaf and Deafblind Center Region 10 in Ingolstadt

The Prime Minister Mr. Seehofer and his wife were invited to the deaf and deaf-blind area Region 10 on November 4th, 2009 from 9:00 am-10:30am.

This visit was a very good opportunity for the Deaf Association (GVIUS eV), for the Förderverein Deaf and Deafblind Center Ingolstadt eV and for the social counseling service (BLWG eV) to present the Deaf Center, the work in the center and the many offers.

Many guests of honor were invited to this successful event. Mr. and Mrs. Seehofer were welcomed with champagne and every guest could write their name in the guest book. Then Mr. Seehofer, his wife and the other guests of honor were shown through the deaf center.

In the gym, many photos of the offers of the Deaf and Deafblind Center Region 10 were exhibited for information.

Mr. Exner (1st board member GVIUS eV) gave a speech after this tour and four children from the sign song group "Deaf Kidz" performed a sign song. The guests were very happy about this great performance.

As a thank you for his visit, Mr. Seehofer received a self-painted picture by Ms. Exner. Ms. Seehofer was given a bouquet of flowers.

Afterwards, Mr. Seehofer gave an interesting speech. He emphasized the important work of the deaf association, the support association and the social counseling service. Mr. Seehofer recognized the lack of space in the deaf center and promised to support the project for the first floor. The physical well-being was also taken care of and at the end a delicious veal sausage breakfast was offered. The event can be recorded as a complete success.