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In 1996 Alexander Exner founded the soccer department of GVIUS.

Fußballabteilung von GVIUS gegründet

We meet every Saturday at 3 p.m. when there is no important game. We are active in the Bavarian Deaf Sports Association and played for the Bavarian Deaf Championship in the Northern Group. In the overall comparison of Bavaria, we took fourth place in the semi-finals. Our team is trained by Denis Jukovskij, who also plays for SV Zuchering. Denis Jukovskij is also part of the national team for deaf footballers.

In 2009 he won the bronze medal with the national team at the Deaflympics in Taiwan and in 2011 the bronze medal in Denmark at the European Championships. We are very proud of this.

Wir treffen uns jeden Samstag um 15 Uhr wenn kein wichtiges Spiel anliegt.
Außerdem ist Denis Jukovskij mit im Team der Nationalmannschaft der Gehörlosenfussballer.

A former midfielder, Jukovskiy is now one of the most experienced footballers in the team's defense and the entire team benefits from his strong nerves. With participation in two world championships, two European championships, two Deaflympics and a total of 44 international matches, Jukovskiy is a veteran in his field. Twice already, in 2010 and 2014, he was awarded the silver laurel leaf, the highest sporting award in Germany, by the Federal President for the success of his team at Deaflympcis. In 2016 he reached first place on the Bavarian level and became Bavarian champion with the senior team of GVIUS Ingolstadt at the futsal state championship in Bamberg of the Bavarian Deaf Sports Association. Second place, and thus runner-up, was the men's team at the futsal state championship in Augsburg of the Bavarian Deaf Sports Association. These victories were a great success for Denis Jukovskiy and our two teams from the Ingolstadt deaf club. Denis Jukovskiy is a coach, player and also a role model for the club. Because we are proud of his successes, we are proud that he trains our team and we are proud that Denis is committed as part of the club and always offers his support.

Viktor Exner
1. Football leader

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