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Sign language

Sign language….

... is a beautiful language. You show different objects with your hands, describe them and represent them with very specific hand and finger positions and can thus tell everything - the same content as in spoken language, only not in WORDS but in SIGNS!

An important addition to sign language is the finger alphabet, which is used especially for spelling names, fixed terms, titles or brands. Of course, not every word or every statement is represented with the individual letters, that's what the signs are for. But if you've forgotten a sign, or don't know how to sign, for example, “school”, then you can spell the word and ask how the sign works for it!

So you can see that there are also rules and specifications in this language. As a recognized and fully-fledged language, there is also its own grammar and sentence order. For this reason, it is not that easy for deaf people to read information and texts! Because you have to learn written German and the associated grammar - just like with a foreign language! Short, clear main sentences are understandable, but long, nested sentences with many foreign words or technical terms are difficult to read.

Information about sign language

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